About Positive Energy Arts

Energizing Arts Education

Positive Energy Arts Foundation (PEAF) was established in 2012 as a community outreach and performing arts education program designed to serve as a catalyst for positive change in distressed, urban schools and communities through specially designed professional arts presentations, workshops and public performances.

Positive Energy is a not-for-profit organization that is focused on the larger mission of contributing to community improvement, along with social and economic change in Central Pennsylvania. Led by a dedicated board of Governors, Positive Energy is committed to providing maximum inspiration in the lives of under-served young individuals through custom built arts education programs.

Our goal is to help young people learn and to be part of creative learning by pushing boundaries and finding talent that would otherwise go undiscovered. If you can be on stage and be confident, there is just about anything you can do.

William Shipley III, Chairman, Shipley Group

Empowering Transformation

Positive Energy Arts Foundation empowers young individuals to experience the transformative power of the arts through:


Providing a resource of nationally recognized arts and education leaders, professional artists, and local organizations to help educate and enrich the lives of students and communities.


Exploring alternative performance venues and providing multiple points of access to experience the arts, including lives performances, interactive discussions, education programs, and lecture demonstrations.


Giving young people the opportunity to participate in art experiences that engage, enrich and inspire.

Our aim is to create a positive environment with positive energy to bring the arts back up through the school system and community in order to create multi-platform experiences for kids.

Thomas K. Flagg, President of Terpsichore Quest-Educational Consulting

Through its programs, Positive Energy Arts Foundation offers extraordinary opportunities to make social and educational investments in the lives of students and communities through (but by no means limited to):

  • Music, dance and language arts programs
  • Summer Camps and Extracurricular Programs
  • Interactive and educational discussions
  • Motivational speakers
  • Lecture demonstrations featuring special guests, artists, and actors
  • Uniquely structured festivals featuring inspirational performances by visual and performing artists
  • Live Performances

By collaborating with local, national, and internationally recognized arts and education leaders, artists and organizations, Positive Energy Arts Foundation provides unprecedented resources to educate under-served students and communities about the transformative power of the arts.

Investing in Future Generations

Through its performing arts education program, Positive Energy Arts Foundation is dedicated to investing in future generations by helping to enrich, educate, and advance the lives of under-served students and their communities. Each year, Positive Energy extends its educational outreach programs to serve a wider population of students and groups. By 2013, Positive Energy reached nearly 4,000 students, educators and members of the community through its multifaceted and innovative approach to arts education and enrichment.

Moving Forward

Partnering with local organizations, educators and schools, Positive Energy Arts Foundation will be able to fund transformative and inspirational performing arts education programs to make a difference in young students’ lives. Positive Energy will also focus on the mission of contributing to community improvement by embedding the arts into urban environments in order to attract economics growth of all kinds.

How You Can Help

Positive Energy Arts Foundation relies on both corporate and individual contributions for its success to fund its performing arts education efforts and sustain its outreach program. Without the generous support of its contributors, the goals and mission of Positive Energy cannot be achieved. Your contribution can provide a path to a performing arts education for young, deserving individuals. We cannot do it without your support!

Company per year Individual per year
Underwriter $50,000 + Gold $10,000 +
Leading $25,000 – $49,999 Silver $5,000 – $9,999
Director $10,000 – $24,999 Bronze $1,500 – $4,999
Producer $5,000 – $9,999 Patron $1,000 – $1,499
Contributor $100 – $4,999 Contributor $100 – $999